Hey dudes!

I know there are a lot of websites that provides free movies right now. However, some requires sign up or membership. I want to share with you a cool website that offers free movies and TV shows online. There is no need to sign up or register. You can watch right away after choosing the movie or TV program that you want to watch.

I have found NovaMov.com this May in search for a website that will allow me to watch New Moon for free. I found some websites like Kralix, Twilight Grounds, and other sites. However, I was really irritated by many links with the latter two sites. I just jumped from pages to pages until I found the link that directly leads to the movie. I was still excited until a sign up box popped out. And it needs payment.

I was still lucky to find NovaMov. It is easy to watch. Just choose or search their directory. They have lots of movies and TV programs. The last movie I watched was Avatar: The Last Airbender. The last TV series I watched was Gossip GIrl – season 1, season 2, and episode 1-6 of season 3. This is also the site where I watched Day and Knight, Legion, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Zombie Strippers and Clash of the Titans. NovaMov is definitely beneficial for people who are looking for free movies online.

Unlike other movie hosting sites I have found, NovaMov does not require advanced media or video players or anything. You will not need to download different types of media or video players. On the other hand, you may find pop-out ads here but the ads are not very annoying since they appear only once. Watching free movies online at NovaMov is always fantastic to me.

Another good site I found was Movies-Opening. However, the movies here are divided into two. Overall, my experience here is good. This is where I watched 2012, Tooth Fairy, Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day and many more. In any case, free movies at Movies-Opening are of good quality.

If you weren’t able to catch a movie on theaters and cinemas, you can still watch it online at this sites.


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